Fortnite: a survival action game

FortniteFortnite is a third-person action game by Epic Games, developers who have already scored a few acclaimed cycles, such as Unreal or Gears of War. Production is dedicated for PCs and consoles, and is chiefly meant for online co-operation. Gameplay is kept in a light, humorous climate. The title is available in free-to-play model, that’s free with micropayments – the game’s internal currency is Fortnite v-Bucks.

Storyline in Fortnite

The mainstay of Fortnite is multiplayer mode, but the storyline is still a very important gameplay element. Player gets to a world haunted by zombie-like demons. They reach the Earth through storm clouds gathering over the horizon, using special portals. The players task is to guard these gates: they become troopers, whose duty is to close the passages by means of a device known as the atlas. The story in Fortnite unravels along with the campaign that lasts for many hours. Gameplay is based on random, to some extent nonlinear stages. After completion of the task the player has the possibility to select a particular part of the world, where he’s going to defend the gate.

Mechanics in Fortnite

Fortnite vbucksAfter start of the game, the player along with three others mission participants gets to the chosen map. Enemies turn up only after activation of a proper device, therefore the players have time to prepare for the action. Their task is to explore a sizeable area, and then to set up fortifications enabling them to fend off the sinister monsters. Participants can choose from three kinds of raw material: rock, metal and wood that can be obtained from various sources nearby. But the players’ task doesn’t consist only in collecting materials, for exploration allows them to find new varieties of weapons, as well as building plans of more technologically advanced gear. The internal currency used in the game is Fortnite vBucks, and we can buy diverse useful goods, for instance appearance-changing characters, combat skins, other cosmetic items and Battle Passes that add variety to the play. They are pretty costly, but due to the availability of the proper generator, one can receive Fortnite v-Bucks free.

Gameplay in Fortnite

During the game player has the ability to destroy at will nearly elements of the environment. Almost each object above the ground can be decomposed by means of a proper tool found on the spot. An important part of the gameplay is crafting system that allows players to create new traps and weapons. The participants are able to design their fortifications freely. Among the essential elements of the prepared fortress are traps in the form of mines, spikes, automatic machine guns, electrified floor or an air-polluting cloud. An additional objective of the combat is saving various independent characters that are called survivors.

Cooperation and development in Fortnite

The gameplay in Fortnite is strictly co-operative, so the cooperation between particular members of the team is crucial. The kind of duties fulfilled depends on the character’s class that is assigned directly by the player. There are a few diversified possibilities to choose from. The Constructor not only builds faster, but also uses less precious materials. Ninja is able to do a double jump, and also to make a katana attack during hand combat. Commando is a typical soldier, perfectly skilled in firearms use. Each character can also develop, which allows it gain new possibilities and advanced abilities. Moreover, particular players obtain their own station that with time are enhanced with additional locations, such as arms caches, sick bays or command centers.

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